Please Add "Notes" capability for Components

We have found that for complicated functionality that starts or is centered around with a “component”, we would like to be able to create “notes” text to describe the complicated functionality that is provided through the use of the “component”. This is feature is currently available(exposed) for a “window”, but is not available(exposed) for a “component”.

This would be extremely helpful when you have created some complicated functionality (which generally is centered around a particular component, or set of components) and utilizes many bindings or other functionality. This way when you come back later and research how the functionality was provided, and you see several things used like SQL property bindings, other property bindings, and event or other scripting used, you have some place to document what you did.


You can add a dynamic property (string) called ‘notes’ and add whatever text you want to it.

Perhaps we could have a ‘notes’ component instead that we could place on a screen to help document the screen for future programmers? This component would only be visible to the designer.

I often leave notes in RSV32 on how something works especially if something is a bit tricky. Just set it to have a visibility animation of ‘0’.

Unfortunately in ignition things which are set to invisible really are invisible even in the designer so you have to have the invisible objects flagging turned on to know that they are there.

*edit it would be cool if the notes object would print off also if you printed a screen while in the designer… would aid in the project documentation at project commissioning and closeout

Every window in the Ignition designer has the ability to attach notes to it. You just right click on the window in the Project Browser and select Notes…


Hi Travis,

I’ve been playing around with this for a bit, and have noticed a couple of things that could be improved to make this more polished.

the notes window accessed through the right click dialog is not dockable, and doesn’t change depending on which window is clicked on. To view notes for all the windows in your project would require a lot of right clicking.

The notes window also does not display the name of the window it is bound to.

It’d be nice if we could have a dockable window that is by default docked on the bottom of the screen, displaying notes for the current window. That way it would probably be more functional and used a lot more.