Please, Can you help me Edge Sync Services with SQL server

I cannot synchronize data with SQL, I have declared it as shown. In which “MS_SQL” is the database which is connected from the gateway server

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That’s not how Edge’s history sync works. You need to target a second Ignition gateway, that you’re connected to over the gateway area network. Edge cannot directly store data into a database, by design.

yes. is IP address Ignition gateway, “MS_SQL” is Remote History Provider Name
I don’t understand how it should be configured properly.
please, can you help me.
thank you verry much!

You need to make a gateway network connection to your other gateway (Configure -> Connections -> Gateway Network) - that’s where you will enter the remote gateway’s IP. Once you’ve done that, you’ll enter that gateway’s name (not it’s IP address) in the Remote Gateway Name field.
You will likely also need to configure ‘Service Security’ on the remote gateway to allow the edge gateway to store history using its history provider.


thanks you for your support. I did it