Please give me some instance for write tag into database

hello : SIR.
i am new guy for ignition.
i can read date form MYSQL database in Ignition software before last week .
but i don’t know : how to write tags-value into Mysql database in Ignition software .
my idea is : when i click one button in HMI picture . it will write some tags-value into MYsql database .
but i don’t know :how to do it ?
certainly , another way can write tags into database will very good.

the picture is read vales from MYSQL.

# This example would gather some user entered text and insert it into the database.
ID_val = 10
class_val = 10
system.db.runPrepUpdate("INSERT INTO andytable1 (ID, class) VALUES (?,?)", [ID_val, class_val])

Also your ID should be set in MySQL to Auto Increment, you shouldn’t be supplying the value each time

Put the above code on the script section of your button, and turn your designer to read/write mode before putting it into preview mode and clicking