Please Help: How can I hide the Menubar using Script

Hi Everyone,

I need a hand on using script to hide and show the Menubar base on the navigation ID. I don’t want to use custom menu as suggested in other post. Thank you.

I’m not sure what you mean by this? Do you mean the Dock ID?

If so, you can just use:

Hi nminchin,

I am working on Vision not Perspective. I would like to hide the follow Menubar using script. The navigation id was something I created myself to identify the pages. Thanks.


Is that menu bar in its own dock/window?
You can close a window with:
And then openWindow to open it again
Is that what you’re after?

That was the buildin menubar created from client events - menubar

Oh right, I’ve never used that before :sweat_smile: I’m bailing out!

You could adapt the following technique to set an empty JMenuBar…

Not a supported thing to do. You’ll have to get familiar with Java Swing’s menu architecture.

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