Please help to connect Ignition to Matrikon OPC Server

Hi all
I am busy playing with Ignition Scada demo and wish to connect to a locally installed Matrikon OPC server on the same machine, but I cannot get it to connect. Can you please help me with a quick users guide , specifically for the Matrikon OPC ?

I name my OPC UA endpoint as :opc.tcp://localhost:49320. I think the problem is the TCP port 49320. Is there a specific port for Matrikon OPC Simulation Server.


(PS I think Ignition Scada is a great product (especially the inhereting of properties etc./ online changes etc) _ i just love it so far! . I am just evaluating it for future purposes. Being a small company I will not be able to afford any licenses at this stage so I am just playing with it, so see how to connect to an OPC server)

That simulator uses OPC-DA, which will be a COM connection, rather than a UA connection. Ignition can connect to this too, but it requires quite a bit more configuration. You will need the OPC COM Module installed in Ignition, found here:

More information about connecting using OPC COM can be found here:
and here:

Cool Adam. It works like a charm. I didnt even have to worry about any of the COM security stuff. Ignition connected straight away.
Thanks again

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