Please where may I find the API reference for runScript

whenever I write a script in any of my components I have to guess hot to access data, components … So Do you have any document with the Jython Ignition API for components scripting ?

For instance, I wanna have a bottom under an easy chart which may dynamically change ChartMode historic/real
Another example, I wanna have my own Chart with 3 inputs ( start/end/groupedByUnitTime )
…whatever …so any document with such API reference ?


The online user manual for Ignition has appendices for expression and scripting functions:

With your specific examples, you’ll want to look into using property binding before using scripting. If you’re not familiar with property binding you can find a section detailing binding in the manual as well.

Thanks a lot ! To be honest, as soon as I posted this thread i began searching thru the forums and found the online manuals.