Plejd for Ignition


Has anyone managed to get plejd controls into Ignition?
I have looked at hassio-plejd/plejd at 544172d8066cdbe0d3246fa8758d0e8afe2830be · icanos/hassio-plejd · GitHub which is a working implementation for homeassistant.
But I don't have the skills to convert/do any of this for Ignition.

Thanks in advance

It looks like plejd just communicates using MQTT which Ignition supports using the MQTT Engine Module for Ignition.

Yes I have set up a raspi with homeassistant and added the plugin in the link above.
So now I get the status of lights in mqtt that I can reach inside ignition.

But the tags from mqtt in ignition is put to read only.
I don't know if that is changable inside gateway but my suspicion is that plejd only uses mqtt to show the result.
The communication with lights are done with Bluetooth.

Best regards