Plotly Charting Module

BIJC has released our free Plotly Charting Module for Perspective, we would be grateful for any feedback or comments. There are 17 separate chart types including 3D. MIT license.

Video here

Module Download and documentation links here


Hi Chris,
Thanks for this great module. I see some small issues I’d like to say here:

1 - When the chart is resized by the designer the chart doesn’t redraw until I go to the preview mode.

2 - By default the chart has a lot of free space around like padding which wastes the space in UI. It is nice if we can adjust it or make padding to 0.

3 - The component plate text for the chart is cutoff.

4 - Clicking on the chart in the design mode is activated and should be deactivated. For example, the user wants to select the chart for moving its position but it reacts on the click like in preview mode.

5 - The 3D chart is cutoff by overflow property.



Thanks for the feedback, I think.

  1. Meh, we will take a look if it’s easy.
  2. We don’t see this, what container did you use?
  3. Err, probably not us.
  4. Yes OK fair point, this we should try and fix.
  5. As 2.

I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.

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I just test it inside the xy coordinate container.
And by the way I really enjoy it. Especially the 3d chart.