PLX51-DF1-ENI Experience


I am attempting to connect a single SLC504 up to Ethernet in a way that connections can be made from Ignition’s drivers to the SLC directly.

Knowing that the 1761-NET-ENI is no longer available, I see that Prosoft offers a product that looks like it’ll work, however looking for any actual experience with the specific product and Ignition.

I’ve also seen posts referencing the Digi IAP, however I’m not sure how that differs from the module in question. Can anyone elaborate? Pros/cons between these two solutions?

Finally, the SLC does have the DH+ port open as well, and that could be an option if required.

Appreciate any insight that can be provided.


I recommend a 4-slot ControlLogix chassis (processor not required) with a 1756-DHRIO and a 1756-EN2T (or similar). You’ll have full speed communications over DH+ (even the 230k mode) and the gear can be configured to allow messaging with modern processors (originating in either direction).