[PM-159]Android Perspective Audio Play Binding Issue

I have a project that is heavily dependent on playing audio. I'm attempting to implement clients using the Android com.inductiveautomation.perspectiveapp application. The play binding only controls the audio object in the application if the user first interacts with the audio UI. Once the user interacts with the UI, simple as clicking on a non-control portion of the object, the binding works perfectly! I am able to play, pause, and replay without issue.

Is there any work around for this issue?

It isn't so much an issue as a feature of the OS preventing annoying applications from playing media without the user's permission.

The OS is not blocking the play functionality the browser is. I understand why web browsers, not sandboxed to a specific website, would implement a block by default. The Perspective audio object is hidden when created; the PROP to display is not even created in a new instance. IA must of taken care to modify the Chromium base to allow the Windows version of Workstation to properly handle the audio bindings without user interaction. I am just wondering if anyone has a workaround for the Android version.

Or are you saying the Perspective Android APK doesn't even contain a browser engine, and is relying on whatever engine is embedded in the Android OS for rendering?

Yes, pretty sure that is the case. Or rather, what is provided for customization by the OS.

From some quick searching, it appears to be a fairly straightforward toggle we can set on the webview before we create it. We'll still have to do some testing to confirm, but I filed a ticket so we can get this improved.