[PM-17] Perspective Mobile App Barcode Camera Rotate

Rolling out a few systems with the native iOS app and including barcode scanning, right now this is on an iPad. When scanning barcodes the camera comes up fine, but it is locked in portrait mode just for the camera. Perspective app works fine when rotating the device and switches between portrait and landscape fine, but no matter the rotation the camera rotation angle is fixed.

Its kinda fun the first time, but then when up down is actually left right and so on, it gets annoying quick :stuck_out_tongue:

PS - works fine with the file upload “Take Picture” option, but it seems that is the native iOS implementation vs the custom camera implementation for the Barcode Scanner.

Anyone else using the native apps? Wondering if this is an android issue or just iOS

It looks like it’s just iOS. Android works as you would expect. I’ll log a ticket to see what we might be able to do to fix it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Actually, this might be unique to iPadOS. iOS looks to handle rotation differently and doesn’t allow rotation locking in landscape. Invoking the barcode scan from landscape mode forces the entire app to rotate back to portrait, which results in the camera being oriented correctly.

I see what you mean, the app does rotate in the background, but the camera image does not rotate. Thanks for lookin into it, I have a bunch of users scanning barcodes on equipment in some tight places so they need the flexibility to hold the iPad at any angle while scanning.

This seems to still be an issue, we are using Ipads for a lot of qr scanning on our factory floor, and the camera not working properly in landscape mode complicates what would otherwise be a great improvement to the process. Would like to know if there is a work around or if this is in the pipeline to be addressed.