[PM-27] Stay login in Mobile perspective app

Hello all,Our team has different users who will login daily through perspective mobile app and access it. Once the work is completed they will sign out. Next day again they have to login using their credentials. Is there anyway to stay login for corresponding user in their Mobile app ?

You can adjust the ‚ÄėRemember Me Expiration‚Äô in the Identity Provider settings.

Thanks for the reply…
Remember me functionality not working properly in Mobile perspective app. I set it for 2 hours in corresponding Idp. if I login, it asks for enable remember me, I checked the remember me box.
If we closes the app and open once again, it asks for login credentials and also checkbox is not enabled. please help me on this.

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This has been an ongoing issue, has inductive automation put this higher on the list of features/fixes yet?

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We have an existing ticket in our system which aims to use the mobile phone's biometric auth capability to authenticate into a perspective session. The idea is: after the first time you log into your IdP, when starting up the perspective session, you will have the option to log into the Perspective Project using your biometric, and if you choose to approve of this, then the next time you load the project in the mobile app, you will be prompted to login using your biometric instead of redirecting to the IdP to login.

I believe this aligns with the needs expressed in this thread, so I've linked this thread to our ticket which should help increase its priority.

Also: if you haven't already, consider upvoting this idea: Perspective Mobile App Biometrics | Voters | Inductive Automation


Sounds good.thx