[PM-56]How to return to Perspective App main page

When using the Perspective App, When I log out of a project, my IdP redirects to the project login page. But how do I get the user back to the Perspective App project listing page…the one where you configure the projects to add…etc.? The only way I know how to do this is by pressing the back button repeatedly until I get a pop-up that’s says "Exit Application?

Assuming you’re talking about the mobile app? On a Samsung you can just keep pressing the back button until you get there. On an Apple that doesn’t have a back button, I have no idea. Then again, I also have no idea why anyone would have an Apple phone :laughing: Millions would disagree with me though (113 million in the US apparently and 8.6 million here down under in Aus)

Right. I hear ya. But I can’t believe just pressing back button is the solution. There has to be a n alternative redirect. Maybe there is a system.util function to redirect to mobile home screen.
Maybe the IdP redirect after logout should use perspective:// instead of https:// and that will make the app go to the home page…just a thought.

This is a pending feature we’ve got on our backlog. No timeline to implement, unfortunately.