PMI data connections

I was wondering, I thought I had all the settings correct in PMI but I must be missing one thing. What recently happened, and I am glad it has during our testing and debugging stages, is the IT dept had taken the SQL server offline for some software install issues. When they took it down the PMI and SQL both lost connection to the server. So far so good, but the project keep comming up with data connection errors and when the SQL server was restored for some reason neither product would reconnect. I thought I followed the scheme but must have missed something. Some clues as to what to look for would be wonderful. Thank you and have a great day.

PS I also know that I had read it in one of these forum postings but if someone could redirect me to that one I would appreciate it. What I am looking for is the way in which to setup PMI and SQL so as I could remote in to alter the project as needed. When I bring up the IP address of the server running the software it brings up the config page but only allows me to run the project, it wont let me click the configuration and such.

To troubleshoot the SQL Server connection: check the datasources tab on the Gateway configuration page to see the status of the connection.

your_IP:your_port/gateway/Gatewa … atasources

To answer your second question, you can edit the gateway configuration page remotely. It’s probably a security setting preventing your access.

Under the Gateway Configuration page, Select System Settings

If, Setup Site: Restrict Connections? is checked, you need to edit the allowed addresses to include the IP address/range of the computers that need access. Alternatively, you can uncheck the aforementioned.

Umm, you asked this last week on this forum, and it was answered then. Is this a separate issue?