PMI & SQL working with RSView32

Will the latest version of PMI and SQL work with RSView 32. I had a problem with mysql and creating a data table.

:scratch: I’m not sure I know what you’re asking here. “Work with RSView32” in what capacity?

I thought since I’m having problems with mysql as an ODBC with RSView. I want to connect RSView through a ODBC data base to PMI. I could not use mysql 5.1, I have to use 3.51, so I wanted to make sure there weren’t any problems with your newest revisions.

I think you may have your terminology mixed up. FactoryPMI is not a database. Neither is FactorySQL. They are both programs that will connect to databases.

You can’t connect anything to FactoryPMI via ODBC, since it is not a database. FactoryPMI will connect to databases with ODBC, but we recommend JDBC connectors whenever possible.

Please explain further what you’re trying to do.

I have a customer with AB PLC 5’s and an RSView32 as their HMI. I wanted to show them Factory PMI and connect to their system and make a few sample screens for them. They only want to see some charting with some of their own tags. Right now I have been trying to connect the RSView32 to a database. I was able to do it through Excel and access, but not MySQL. Does that make any sense.

Yes! I think we’re getting somewhere now.

Ok, for your first question - wanting to show them FactoryPMI. Have a look at our architecture drawings to get a better handle on how our software works. In order to show them FactoryPMI’s charting capability, you will also need an OPC server (to connect to the PLC5), FactorySQL (to log process history), a database (to store the history), and FactoryPMI (to draw the data out of the database and display the charts). RSView32 really doesn’t come into play here, although RSLinx might (as an OPC server).

Now, for your second question: I’m not quite sure why you’re trying to connect RSView32 to a database.

RsView32 is already grabbing the data he needs; we just need to put into a file.

You mean you want RSView32 to be your SQL datalogger? I don’t think it does that, but thats really outside my area of expertise…

Update: We talked on the phone. RSView32 will log data to an ODBC connection, but he couldn’t get it to work with MySQL, although it did work with MS Access. He is going to try pulling the data into FactoryPMI from Access using the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver for charting and analysis.

I’m having a problem with the datsource connection. It says data source name not found and no default driver specified.

I have to go. I will call you on monday. Thanks for your help.

I do not have access on my labtop. so I did not try it. What was the format in the binding property to fetch the SQL Query?

I’m sorry- I don’t follow. Give us a call when you get a chance and we can go over some next steps.

I installed factory SQL and Kep server and tried to connect everything. I will give you a call tomorrow. I’m working on something else today.