Point Basic Mqtt to certain GROUP in Ignition Broker?

My Setup Ignition-Vision along with Cirrus Link MQTT modules.

I currently have my MQTT broker to only accept MQTT data that is published to "GROUP" - Oil. And all of the Edge of Network devices use Sparkplug b as the protocol.

I now want to use a device that only uses the basic MQTT protocol, is there a why for me to setup a Topic Name Space and have it delivered to a certain group I setup in the Ignition broker?

Take a look at MQTT Engine Custom Namespaces.

Looking at the link you provided it says requirement of Ignition 8.0.16 - so this would not work for me as I have 7.9.10 "Vision" is this correct?

If you're on Ignition 7.9, then the latest Cirrus Link Modules should be version 3.4.12. They also support Custom Namespaces, though they're not quite as full-featured as in the later 8.x MQTT Engine modules. Take a look at this doc (from their 7.9 compatible MQTT Engine module configuration) and scroll down to Custom Namespace: ME: Configuration - MQTT Modules for Ignition 7.x - Confluence

Thanks, very helpful.
Do I understand this setup to be "Either default (Sparkplug B) OR Custom Namespace"?
Not Both?

You can supplement your current configuration (which is targeting Sparkplug B topics) with a Custom Namespace configuration. So you can have both subscribed concurrently.

OK, thanks very much. I will move forward with this new information.