Point comma issues based on locale

Do you have problems with comma/points?

  • No problems at all
  • Yes, but it doesn’t bother me
  • Yes, but I fix it myself
  • Yes, and I hope that I.A. provides a solution
  • Yes, and it is driving me crazy, I expect a solution from I.A.
    I am having problems with point and comma’s but find it hard to explain. Sometimes a user needs to use a point as a decimal separator, sometimes a comma. So a user wanna enter 7.5 but the value goes to 75 because of this.
    I even have problems with the system.dataset.toCSV. I store data using this function in a SQL db but when I import the data again a value of 0.5 is 5 in a client and 0.5 in the preview of the designer??
    I find it hard to explain but these issues are haunting me for a long time.
    Years ago I had an issue when I exported tags and then did an import again. If I recall correctly the deadband setting on an OPC tag went from i.e. 0.001 to 0.01 after the first export/import, to 0.1 after the second and so on. This was probably also because of locale settings. So now I am very hesitant to use the export function.

Therefore I like to start a poll to see how other users feel about this. If it bothers many users then I am sure I.A. will look for a decent solution :smiley:

So, PLEASE vote!

What would be really helpful to us is if you can tell us exactly where you are having issues. Then we can track them down and fix them. (Also, let us know the version you’re using – it may have already been fixed, and we can tell you what version the fix is in.)

Kathy, there is already an active ticket for the comma issue with the system.dataset.toCSV.

Another problem like a user entering 7.5 and the value that goes to 75 is a major pita. I think many international users (lets say users that use comma’s AND points as a decimal point) have an issue with that. I don’t know what the best solution would be.
That is a reason that I wanted to start a poll, just to see how many users have a problem with it.

The issue I had with export/import of tags is one from 2013. The last reply I had was that I.A. was still working on the issue. Probably this is solved by now but it would be great if someone could tell me that the language setting have no influence on tags when I do an export/import and from what version.
Now I am scared as hell and don’t wanna use the export because of problems I had.

I can’t find any open tickets for the import/export issues, but I’ll be glad to double check the functionality today just to make sure there isn’t something hiding. I show the tag export was fixed in 7.7.2. Tags are always exported in an English format, but files can be marked with a locale that import will respect. For XML, use ; for CSV use #version=1,fr, …