Polling Purges Memory State of Selected Cell in PowerTable

We have a Select Query within a Power Table, configured to Poll every 10 seconds.
Therefore every 10 seconds, the cell selected by the user is no longer highlighted, because ‘Selected Column’ and ‘Selected Row’ both revert to -1.
The user has noted two ways in which this affects him:
-1. Often he selects several cells, then copies for another application. Occasionally the cells are auto-deselected before he can Ctrl-C.
-2. He can double-click a cell to open a form relating to the record. Later when he closes the form, the original cell is no longer highlighted (selected), so the user becomes lost.
Is there a method to retain the memory state of the selected cell after polling?
We wish to retain the polling feature, since other users can be modifying the data.

You’ll have to script it yourself with additional (custom) properties to hold the intermediate state. In particular, you’ll have to record the primary key value for the selected row so you can select the correct row after the poll. (Rows could be added or removed, presumably.)
If all changes to the raw data come from user entry, consider not using polling, and use system.util.sendMessage() as needed to pass edit event to other users.