Polyvalent templates vs multiple templates


does someone knows if making polyvalent templates, like one template with multiple custom properties to make multiple display (rotation, reflexion, visible,etc.), can make a project to run slower because I must make multiple instances of shape, so multiple color binding running in the background. Doing this reduces the number of template greatly, and I find it much easier to work with.

Should I avoid this method and make multiple template instead?

Thank you

It will certainly load slower, as there are more total objects in any display built that way. And it’ll use more memory. If there are animating bindings that would be updating on the hidden parts, then it’ll run slower, too. You simply have to balance the memory and performance impact against the maintenance effort of multiple templates. Unless there are many hundreds, I’d use multiple templates. You can programmatically swap them on the template holder and/or template canvas to get the equivalent of polymorphism.