Pop up window location fixed to the corner?

Hi guys,

I’ve got a pop up window about 400x450. and my main windows all vary in size depending on the what information they show. I know itd be better to have them as a unform size but some of them have components that are just easier to handle when the size is longer/wider than other. then i just let the softwa’re aspect ratio handle the re-sizing when opening the vision client.

But now im stuck in my own web. I’d like my pop up window to always pop up on the bottom right corner. I’m aware I can change the pop up window’s location on the property editor but is there another way I can anchor it ?

thank you guys :thinking:

Nope. I’m also assuming you’re talking about Vision, although I’m pretty sure the answer is the same for Perspective as well.
You’re going to have to use scripting to position them