Pop3 Email Alarm Ack Not Working

Hi Guys,

I see 4 other posts with no responses regarding this topic, so, I’m not full of confidence.

I’ve configured an Alarm pipeline and am able to send alarm notifications via SMTP. I get the email with an alarm ID/Ack.
Unfortunately, pop3 ack does not seem to work. I’ve replied to the emails (not sure if I’m supposed to say anything specific?) I’m not seeing anything in any log files nor is the alarm itself being Ack’d. Emails are not being deleted despite telling it to do so.

Does this feature actually work? And can anyone provide me with any ideas of what to check?

Otherwise I’ll have to jump ship and go to a different alarming platform, and I’d really prefer not to do that.

Are there any error messages in the gateway logs re: polling the pop3 server? Does each user being notified have an email contact info assigned and are they replying from that same email address?

It’s just looking for something like Pop3AckId:<systemId>:<ackId> in the body, which should be included in even an empty reply that quotes the message.

Hey Kevin,

Gateway log just shows this in terms of POP diagnostics

Thankfully it’s not a fully running system out onsite (yet)
I’m simply sending one email from a company noreply account to myself.

My AckID’s look like this

These loggers on DEBUG may help:

  • alarm.Notification.Email.Pop3AckManager
  • alarm.Notification.EmailNotificationProfile

Otherwise I’d give support a call and see if they can verify your whole setup and figure it out.

Hi Kevin,

Those loggers just showed some SMTP errors from when I was starting off with it.
Oddly enough, email relay/Pop3-Poll says its executed 89 times

Had a long chat with support a few days ago and they are looking into it. The problem persists with other emails as i’ve found.
What really puzzles me is, why does the log say its trying to fetch messages via SMTP? And not Pop3?

Anyways. I’m dead in the water on this one. Customer is asking for updates and I’ve got nothin.

The only thing that indicates SMTP in that log is the hostname, which means you’ve either configured it that way or gmail is redirecting and we’re seeing that hostname instead.


I have the right hostname in my pop3 settings

This isn’t isolated to Gmail. It’s doing the same for an att email, using the outgoing as the incoming.

Same error out of an ATT based email

Here’s the pop settings for it

Ok, I see what you’re saying now.

Looking at the code I can confirm this is just a logging bug - the logger for the profile has the SMTP hostname and port keys permanently associated with it, and even when logging that POP3 fetching failed those keys are still there.

It’s misleading, but it doesn’t look like the actual polling task is using the wrong hostname and port.