Populate Perspective Chart with dataset


Im trying to populate a perspective chart with the properties of a table.
I read that the first colum needs to be datetime type and the second a value, reading from manual i tried to create a dataset to populate the table,
But how do i call the script to bind the dataset to the perspective series.data?

my script to create a dataset is this
<<headers = [“Hora”, “Prom”]

# Then create an empty list, this will house our data.
data = []
# Then add each row to the list. Note that each row is also a list object.
data.append([self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[0].Inicio, self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[0].prom])
data.append([self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[1].Inicio, self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[1].prom])
data.append([self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[2].Inicio, self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[2].prom])
data.append([self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[3].Inicio, self.getSibling("Table_0").props.data[3].prom])
# Finally, both the headers and data lists are used in the function to create a Dataset object
cities = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, data)
self.props.series[0].data=cities###how to send this info to chart data????>>

If the Inicio column is a datetime type then you can do a simple property binding to props.series.0.data.

The binding would look like this:

The chart just ignores the Fin column as it isn’t referenced.

Hello Transistor. thanks it did the trick, also as comment, in the Inicio column I had to transform to string because i was getting an error, but it worked.