Populating datasets

I’m changing the data displayed in a table by binding its Data property to the result of a SQL query (translated by the toDataSet function).

One of the ‘views’ I want to display is a static list of data. How can I put this static list into a dataset so it can be displayed?

:scratch: How are you populating it via a binding and using a scripting function at the same time?

Ok, I'm going to assume you're using scripting here, not binding, and that your script is switching out the data of your table based on some condition. The easiest way to set a table's data to some static data is to make a dynamic property somewhere that is a DataSet, type in the data in the dataset viewer dialog, and then just set the table's data property to the value of that dynamic property.

Thanks Carl, that works perfectly… got me out of a real bind :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem, glad its working.

Oh the FactoryPMI terminology pun! That's got to be a first. :thumb_left:

Oh shoot, I didn’t even catch that. Its been a long week. Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Al.

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