Popup blocking access

I’m trying to move some of our core components over to Ignition 8, and keep it as clean as possible (so only import the needed bits).

When I import partial stuff, I expect certain things to not work immediately.

But I’m having issues with the error popup. If the popup shows on some repeated action (like a runScript binding in this case), I’m not able to get past the popup and fix the issue.

So far, the only way I’ve found is to kill the designer and try to fix the problem before opening the problematic code (the code on the component itself isn’t the problem, as that would be unfixeable).

Has anyone found ways around this error popup?

I generally just leave the popup open in the background while I go kill off the source of the problem. Close the popup after the fix.

I used to do that in version 7 too, but the popup keeps stealing focus in Ignition 8, so I can’t edit the source.

Ah, hadn’t noticed that yet. That’s not good.

You can leave it in the background if you select the other of the 2 buttons in the lower left of the error popup. You currently have it selected to bring the error to the front and focus on it. The other option will allow you to leave it in the background.

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Thanks for that, I didn’t notice those buttons.