Popup border radius How

This is weird, I thought I had it.
I set borderRadius in root.

Border radius setting does not do it.

How do you set border radius?

Added this in advance stylesheet:

    border-radius : 20px;

And what happened?

All his popups are now circles.

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Its a client requirement.
Don't look at me..


They want triangular, also possible.

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I. Am. Vindicated.

In the earliest days of Perspective, I was trying to build projects and style them in ways I expected customers would, and one of the very first roadblocks I ran into was the Popups - which looked like they were more-or-less straight out of Java. At that time we didn't even have the theme files as we now know them, and so trying to get the Popups to look like anything more modern was a nightmare. I lobbied hard to provide user avenues for styling everything without having to apply style classes to everything, with my primary example being that I wanted to provide a border radius to Popups so that I could make them look a bit more like the windows of my Mac. They were a prime example of shortcoming because we don't expose their style props.

While the theming update in 8.0.13(?) provided a huge boost, it was also sort of cumbersome when trying to tweak minor settings, and it is applied to everything on the Gateway. I continued lobbying with the same example, and eventually the advanced stylesheet was proffered as a way to quickly modify settings in a Project-based resource. Now here we are - with someone using the exact resource for the exact reason I used as an example. I'm so proud!