Popup calendar inconsistencies

I’m having some issues with inconsistencies in the popup calendar.

  1. The button to drop down the calendar only responds to the second click, not the first.

  2. You can type directly into the calendar. This always overwrites what is already there and accepts any text, valid or not. If you make a mistake while typing you have to manually overwrite every incorrect character - insertion of text is not possible. Any invalid text means the control reverts back to its previous value when it loses the focus.

  3. Once the popup calendar is opened, the time field will again accept any text. This field defaults to inserting of text rather than overwriting.

  4. If you open the drop down and then press the OK button without changing anything, nothing happens.

I think it would be an improvement if there was an option to stop the user from editing the time and date directly and forced them to use the drop down. Once there, it would be better if the time was treated as separate fields instead of plain text. Maybe pressing tab would take you between hours, minutes and seconds and the up and down arrows would increment and decrement the values. In fact, it would be better if the time input was carried out using a formatted text field.

At the moment it doesn’t feel very ‘polished’ (a customer’s comment).

#2 feels correct to me (hit “ESC” to revert your bad input), but I think the rest are fair criticisms. We’ll see what we can do to polish it up a bit.