Popup Calendar not acknowledging mouse click

I have two popup calendars on my window. I have a check box that has selected set to true on the mouse click action of one of the calendars. This functions correctly if I click on the calendar date, but does not fire if I click the pop up button and select a date.

Yeah, that sounds right. The popup button is consuming the mouse event.

I think you should be able to achieve your desired results another way - perhaps when the date property changes you could check the checkbox? ( I assume you want to check the checkbox if they pick a date?)

That sounds like it is exactly what I am looking for. Is there a date change event. I’m just not sure how to code for it.


We did the property change and on the first mouse over the event fired and our check box was checked.

The property change event will be fired for a myriad of properties that can change (some of which you aren’t normally aware of). So, to properly use a property change event, you must filter out the property you care about. (like the date).

For example: if event.propertyName == 'date': event.source.parent.getComponent("Checkbox").selected = 1

See the manual page about this here:
inductiveautomation.com/prod … ertyChange

The problem is that we are setting the date in the popup calendar when we call the window via a passed parameter and so the event is triggered as soon as the window is drawn.

Hmm, yeah, I hear you. Well, you could rig something up like so:

Have a Date dynamic property somewhere that is also set on window startup. Then you could bind the checkbox selected to an expression like {PopupCalendar.Date} != {The.Other.Date}

FWIW, I’ve entered this in as a bug, so you should expect the mouse events to be properly fired in the next release.