Popup Calendar on Multiple Monitors

When using a Popup Calendar on a system with multiple monitors, the popup will only open on the primary monitor. So if the calendar control is displayed on monitor 2, when I click on the arrow to open the popup, it pops up on monitor 1. Is there any way to get it to open on the monitor that the calendar control is on?

Does this also happen after restarting the client?

This is a bug we’ve often noticed while developing, but if the client is started after all screens are connected, this bug doesn’t happen. So it’s usually not a problem in a stable production environment.

This is unfortunately a Java Swing bug, not an Ignition bug that we can readily fix. The reporting/bookkeeping Swing does on multi-monitor setups is inconsistent and sometimes inaccurate.

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Hi, this keep happening in Ignition 8, is there a solution yet?

Can you think of any fancy java workaround for this? Something I can run in internalFrameActivated() that tells rootContainer.getComponent('Popup Calendar') to spawn its calendar at (X,Y, wd, ht)?

I don’t think you can; the problem is with mechanisms the JDK/Swing uses internally are what’s broken. You wouldn’t have any way to extract the “right” coordinates.