Popup can't be moved over nav bar or header?

Using 7.9.21.

Probably simple because it's either impossible or a simple setting I am missing but can't find a forum post on it currently.

Have a vision project with a west docked nav bar and a north docked header. Popups that are opened up from the main window cannot be dragged over the nav bear or the header. Is there some setting when opening the popup to allow it to be dragged all over, nav bar / header and all, or is this just how things work? Someone please refresh my memory. I tried playing with the window the layer index on the popup to no avail.

Pretty sure that's just how things work. The main content area can hold popups, but the docks are inviolable.

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There is a simple setting on version 8.1, but you may be out of luck unless you can upgrade.

(see "Prevent Popup/Docking Overlap")


Ah, no, you're right. I'm 100% confident that setting is still there in 7.9.


Perfect, somehow I never saw this setting before. That did it, thanks!

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