Popup Identifier X-Ref

I have a bunch of popups and I've duplicated components with popups configured, changing parameters and such, not realizing that the ID is also duplicated, which prevents popups with the same ID being open at the same time.

Is there a way to quickly x-ref all of my popup IDs to see where conflicts are, or will this be quite manual?

Also, I would have thought that duplicating a component with a popup ID (or any unique ID for that matter) should have a new ID automatically generated - the same way that duplicating a component auto-increments the name. If a dev wanted the popup IDs to be the same, they would deliberately set it, and I think that desiring that functionality is much less common than the other.


Are your popups in Vision or Perspective? They both work a bit differently.

The post is tagged as Perspective

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Yes, Perspective

Are you passing in a tag path for your popups? If so, that should be unique enough and you could use the tag path as the ID. You would only need to change the open call.

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