Popup is draggable when it should be stationary


I have a script on a Mouse Event which opens a dynamic popup.
I want the popup to stay in place, however i cannot seem to get that to work.

‘’‘system.perspective.openPopup(“82h3d8”, “Page/Popups/Unit Performace”, position = {‘top’:0,‘left’:0,‘right’:0}, modal = True, draggable = False, resizable = False)’’’

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I’m having the same issue. Any solutions?

I’m running Ignition 8.05 which has options in the popup command to specify draggable.

When I’m in a fullscreen layout the draggable setting works.

When I’m in mobile layout it does not.

Is there any chance the Popup renders any portion of itself outside the viewable area of the mobile device?

Yes. The edge of it is off the screen on some phone resolutions.

Okay, then this is “expected”. We made a decision early on that when a Popup is rendered even partially off-screen that any interaction with the Popup MUST be a drag even, lest a user open a Popup which was not draggable but where the X is rendered off-screen. If we had not done this, then Popups opened as I described could not be closed.

This behavior has had several unforeseen consequences (like being unable to interact with inputs in such a Popup in any intended capacity), and so we have a ticket open to examine whether we should leave users in that situation to fix the issue on their own, but no ETA on when a decision will be made.

To work around this, you could make sure that your Popup does not open off-screen.

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