Popup Menu size and font change

How can I change the size and font of a popup menu. I do not want to change it for everything in the project just the specific popup script.

names = []
funcs = []
Val = event.source.selectedRow

if Val != -1 :
def doMenuItem1(event):
import system
Row = event.source.selectedRow
Data = event.source.data
newData = system.dataset.deleteRow(Data,Row)
event.source.data = newData

menu = system.gui.createPopupMenu(names, funcs)


It can be done by creating the popup menu in a different way. This way works:

from javax.swing import JMenuItem menu = system.gui.createPopupMenu([],[]) def delete(): print "done" menuItem = JMenuItem("Delete",actionPerformed=delete) menuItem.setFont(menuItem.getFont().deriveFont(80.0)) menu.add(menuItem) menu.show(event)Best,

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That worked! Thank You!