Popup not appearing using scripting

Hello, I am having trouble with getting a popup to display.
I have a created a page for users to enter data then press a button upon completion.
Depending on the data entered, I require a popup window to appear. I cannot figure out why I am having trouble with this step.

The popup window "TicketError" exists in the Popups folder.

The popup is getting called because I have print statements before and after it.
system.perspective.print(message="Before", destination="all")
system.perspective.openPopup("tt_error", "Popups/TicketError")
system.perspective.print(message="After", destination="all")

Please help me determine what I am missing.

It looks fine.

Just to confirm, are you testing this in a real session from a browser/workstation? The popup will not appear in the designer.

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That makes sense. I knew it had to be something simple I overlooked. Thank you!
I am working only in the designer in preview mode.

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