Popup OSK on touch screen

I needed some operator input in Perspective on my windows 11 touch-screen machine, so I downloaded the terrific "advanced_perspective_keyboard_and_numeric_keypad.1.0.0" project, got it going, and really like the control I have over the look of the numeric keypad. Problem is, there's no way to log in on a touch screen HMI interface without the TabTip OSK (to turn it on in Windows 11, go to Settings->Time and Language->Typing->Touch Keyboard and select “Show Touch Keyboard When There’s No Keyboard Attached.”) If I try to keep my custom numeric keypad, then of course both the tabtip and the custom pop up when a numeric entry is selected, which looks terrible. I wish I could selectively repress the tabtip while in the Perspective application. Or, if only there were an option for a Perspective-provided alphanumeric popup just at the moment when someone needs to log in. Has anyone dealt with this problem and found a better way?

Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to repress the OS keyboard on demand through Ignition. And because it's an OS keyboard, as far as I know Ignition doesn't have control over which keyboard opens when a certain component is clicked on in the Perspective session.

I got this going by using labels to trigger the custom keyboard, & the osk doesn't fire unless it's an input field pressed, so I was able to separate them. A message handler in the label catches the entry and writes it to the tag.