Popup parameters passing - any difference when using vision template repeater

Maybe its because Sunday and i am bit fuzzy but i am struggling to make a popup parameters work when there is template repeater.
I got basics covered:
1 There is on click action behind template to open popup with passing UDT parameter configured
2 popup root container does have matching custom parameter of UDT type
When i click on the any instance inside template repeater i got messages "Cannot assign orphaned UDT instance to a component property: Root Container"

I have no problem passing integer parameter via popup but UDT does not work.
Also passing UDT without template repeater did work in the past.

Any suggestion how to troubleshoot it?

No can do. You're simply unable to pass udt types to a popup, which is one of the many reasons not to use UDTType parameters at all. Just pass the tagpath to the UDT instance instead to the popup (and to the Template too)

hm i passed udt to popup in the past without issues. Any chance you elaborate on this?

how is this supposed to work in practice. I have template repeater with instances inside?
do i need to create custom property on template repeater? Any chance for simplest example please?

Your template params dataset should be a list of the tag paths to the UDT instances, and the column name should match the tag path parameter in your templates. Eg deviceTagPath


See also this recent long discussion of UDT properties and their pitfalls:

You should be breaking bad habits before they get too ingrained.