Popup view in Maker Edition 8.1

Hi everyone!
I am new to Ignition Maker Edition(Ignition Designer), and I am trying to make a View popup when mouse clicking a Led Display and a button. I have tried for two days reading forums, viewing Youtube, and asked Chat GPT without solving this.
Here is what I am doing: Creating new View called "Led Display", and one more View called "Power Chart".
I right click on the Led Display and chooses "Configure events". In "Events" I choose"Onclick" under "Mouse Events". Then the + and chooses "Popup". Then under "Popup Action" and "Select View" I choose "Power Chart" and click "Ok".
So I go to the View called "Led Display", and click on the Led Display, but nothing happends. I have tried both when running the project, and not running the project.
Shouldn't the View Called "Power Chart" popup then?
I really hope someone can help me with this.

The only thing I can think of is that (Perspective) navigation doesn't run in the designer. When you say,

do you mean using the preview in the designer, or do you mean that you've launched the project in a web browser? I would expect the latter to work. I would not expect the former to work.

If you haven't visited Inductive University yet, you might find some helpful guidance there, including this video on Perspective Popup Views:

Also, consider using the onActionPerformed event for this action.

Thank you zacht!
I thought that when pushing the "play" button the project was runnin, but that was was preview as you wrote. So now it works.

Thank you!
I watched the video(s) you suggested, and now it works. Got tip from zacht also about running it in browser. I thought I was running the project when pushing the "play" button :slight_smile:
One more thing, could you change my username to krishyd? I would rather use that instead of my full name. Thank you!