Popup window after event in DB

Hello all,
I have an issue with the open popup after the event in DB. So could you tell me how I can do it?
I have DB in SQL and from another application, I write to DB. In ignition, I read this SQL, and then I need open if will be one parameter true. I don’t have a problem with reading this parameter and writing to a custom variable or on another variable but I have a problem with the open popup I tried after changing the script on the custom variable opening popup but it doesn’t work for me :frowning:
Can you help me, please?
This is my custom variable and my popup and this variable is on this popup.

and here is test code for popup :

Are you testing this in the Designer, or a running session? If you look at the logs on your Gateway, do you see any logging when that change script is executed?

So i tested in a running session and in my log i don’t see anything :frowning:

What does the binding preview show you (bottom left of the binding dialog)? The only reason I would expect no Popup to open (and also no error logging to occur) is if you haven’t saved your changes or if value is evaluating as False or None. So make sure you save and verify a tag exists at the path you supplied for the binding.

Yes, the problem was by me because I have a popup window and these custom variable was on this popup I moved these variable to the main window, and now is it everything right. :smiley: I wanted open a popup from the window which not exist yet :open_mouth: Thank you for your support :smiley: