Popup Window Display

How can I make the popup to be on top of the window? Cause what happens right now is when I click on the object it opens the popup and closes the main window. What I want is when I click on the object it will just open that popup window and the main window will stay on the back


Every window has a Layer property with a default value of 0. Any windows that have the same layer value will hide behind each other when you change which one has focus. If you want a popup that’s always on top, just set the layer property of the window (not the root container) to 1 or higher.

I’ve set the Layer to 1 but it’s still doing that, i tried 2 and it’s still closing the other window

Well if it is actually closing the other window, then something in your script is doing that. You could be using the swap function when you meant to say open.

Ok, got it. Thanks!