Popup window maximizing issue

I have a data entry popup window. From the property editor, I have set all the behaviors for this window to false (i.e. closable, maximizable, resizeable, start maximized). From this window, the user has the option to open another popup window. When closing this second popup window, the initial popup window remains the same. When swapping to the initial popup window, however, it automatically maximizes itself. I need to swap to it because I am passing parameters back from the second popup window to the first. Following swapping windows, I have the program close the second popup window. Is there a way to pass parameters upon closing a window or is there a solution to keep the first window from automatically maximizing upon switching back to it?

I don’t think you understand what “swap” means. Swap means that the window you’re swapping to gets swapped into the place of the window you’re swapping from. That’s why the window is becoming maximized.

You want to “open” the popup window, not swap to it. Open vs. swap has no bearing on passing parameters. Parameters can only be passed into a window. You’ll have to store information from that window elsewhere to “pass it back” to the previous window, or use scripting to set properties on the previous window.