Popup Window 'Root Container' designation changed to 'False'_Ignition Platform 7.9.12

Hi I very new to this software but have been reading a lot of very helpful things on this forum so hopefully this won’t be too difficult for someone to figure out.
I had a power table working fine, where if a user clicked on a cell (boolean) the entire displayed row would turn orange.
I then (for query reasons) modified the underlying sql server 2014 table primary key. I modified it to no longer be a primary key as well as renamed it.
Ever since the pop up window Root Container was renamed somehow to ‘false’ and my existing primary table no longer functions. I examined the scripts where I referenced the primary key and ensured I renamed it accordingly however the power table now takes a while to initially load up in viewer and I can’t modify the cells/color doesn’t change.
When I dragged over a new power table and recreated my functionality, everything works but my window still has the root container renamed to false.
I can redo this popup from scratch but I am just curious as to if the root container can be recovered from it’s ‘false’ state?
I imagine modifying a primary key upset the ignition software greatly I normally wouldn’t do something like that but I am in early days development and therefore did what I did.
Thanks for any suggestions.

I am very skeptical that the database operation has anything to do with the window getting into this state.

You can freely rename the root container; just select it and change the name property:

I know so little about the nuances of this software, despite having spent the last two months full time trying to self-teach utilizing this forum that I wouldn’t dare presume to offer a differing opinion. In the (very distant) past when I’ve worked with databases and HMI software it was very unusual for any component to be renamed without the direct intervention of the developer. This to me suggest that the software encountered some sort of unsatisfactory condition, likely as a result of something I did either directly or indirectly (but not including physically renaming the root container myself).
Thank you @PGriffith, I am grateful for the assistance and hope to get much better with the software moving forward.

It’s always possible too you had some property change event that renamed your root container (though for what possible reason I have no idea, but it is possible).

If you want to try to find the source, open up your problematic window, press Control+F to open the search, and look for .name. You’re looking for something like event.source.somestuffhere.name = false or maybe as a string event.source.somestuffhere.name = 'false' to see if there is some programatic reason why this happened that some other developer put into it.

If you haven’t already check out inductive university Browse the Lesson Library at Inductive University

It’s great starting point for learning the basics of Ignition. You go through the whole thing you can take a test and get a credential/certificate as well.

Thank you @bkarabinchak.psi, I tried a search as you suggested but no luck. However I appreciate that tip as I can see how that search is a powerful tool. I had previously ignored the Lesson Library as my browser (Edge) wouldn’t play the videos, so instead relied on the forum itself. However I can see that I need to do more so have contacted my I.T. department and asked them to help me get the videos playing.
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