Popup windows moved outside main window causes window resize

  1. Popup opened then moved to be partially beyond the window bounds.
  2. Either: Click anything on the main window OR another separate popup is opened.
  3. Main window resizes and docked windows shift.

Infinite Desktop is disabled, so they shouldn’t even be allowed to be dragged outside of the window, right?
I have enabled/disabled/re-enabled Prevent Popup/Docking Overlap, trying to stop this behavior.

Is there something else I can do to keep the windows from going off screen?
Or at the very least keep windows from resizing? (We care about this one more.)

How do you have it set to open the window? With infinite desktop disabled, it says popups are prevented from being dragged beyond the bounds of a window but that doesn’t mean your script can’t resize the window some other way. If you share the script that your using to open the popup then can see if your doing something else that could cause it.

We’re using the standard Navigation-Open window provided in Ignition.
That shouldn’t cause the popup to ignore the infinite desktop setting, right?

I wouldn’t expect it to. The only way I would see that happening is if you have a script running somewhere that is causing a resize when the popup is triggered or if you customized the script that opens the popup instead of using the standard function and something in there triggers the resize.