Popup windows outside window bounds cause resize

Probably been reported before, but we’re having serious issues with screens being resized when a popup is dragged such that part of the popup is off the screen. It is as if the lower edge of the popup streches out the main window size making all screens distort to fit.

This has always been a feature of Ignition so sections of windows are not cut off. Are you suggesting that we should be doing something different like forcing popups in the bounds of the client? What if the popup is too large?

I’m having this issue, has anyone found a solution to stop this from happening?


What version of Java are you currently using with ignition ?

Version 1.7.0_55

As Robert.McKenzie has stated, this is an intended behavior. That said, if you’d like it changed, please post your request with an explanation why the current behavior is an issue and what changes you would like here: ideas.inductiveautomation.com/