Popup with scrollbars

I want to create a popup window that will have a vertical scrollbar. I’m going to use it to display instrument information, and would like to be able to show just the important stuff at the top, and allow the user to scroll down if they need to see more info, without having a popup that blocks out the entire main window… Is that possible?

Ignition 7.7.3 on Win 7

Yes, this can be done with a popup window and a Template Repeater or Template Canvas component: nickmudge.info/post/ignitions-te … at-runtime

Create a template that shows all the information that you want to display. Then use the template in a template repeater or template canvas. A vertical scroll bar will automatically be added if the template is larger than the space you provide for the template repeater or template canvas.


I literally just found your blog post about templatecanvas… that looks like an amazing way to do what I’m trying to do. And it looks like I won’t necessarily have to put it all in a single template with templatecanvas, as I can use separate templates with a layout. This may be my new favorite thing…