Hi I have created a popup with several custom properties tags. I pass paramenters into popup when it opens.

I have a few static tags and also some paramenters that are read tags for status. The question is how do I pass paramenters back so I can setup a reset and control button and have these buttons action tags in the PLC?
This is the code I am using to open Popup.

system.nav.openWindow(‘Popups/B_LTG_01_G1ETEST’, {‘Desc’ : ‘LIGHT CONTACT’,‘State’ : system.tag.read(“PLC/Global/SLightContOut/SLightContOut_33_/State”).value,‘Health’ : system.tag.read(“PLC/Global/SLightContOut/SLightContOut_13_/Healthy”).value,‘Mode’: system.tag.read, ‘Names’ : ‘B_LTG_01_G1E’, ‘Zone’ : ‘Creek’, ‘Chainage’ : 40200, ‘Alarm’ : ‘B_LTG_01_G1E%’})


You can do it, but there is not a great way to pass parameters ‘back’ to the main window from a popup. But you can use client tags to keep information the linked between screens.

Alternatively, you can pass in a tag path (or part of one) and use that in an Indirect Tag binding to read/set whatever tag values you’d like.