Port 502

I’m trying to set up tags using modbus but I can’t connect them. I didn’t have any problems when I setup the devices using Allen Bradley. I thought that maybe the port on the computer is not open so I tried opening the ports manually using the inbound and outbound rules in the windows firewall settings and allowed the port 502 connection but it’s still not connecting.

What else can you guys suggest?
I’m not sure if i should be posting this here but I just want as many answers as I can get.

Thank You

If the device status is not even going to ‘CONNECTED’ then you might not have the right IP address. Can you ping the address you think the device is at?

Yeah I did ping it and i got a reply from that ip add

How far along are you? Have you created the device connection and are now wanting to address some tags?

Yeah, I want to use the tags for one of my projects in the ignition designer but i can’t figure out why it’s not connected. It’s always connecting/disconnected

Or maybe is there just another way of retrieving the information from scada besides the use of tags?

You have to create and then address a tag in the designer before the device will stay connected. Modbus devices do not support browsing so you have to manually address tags. Once you have a tag correctly addressed and it is subscribed then the device will stay connected. Check out this page in the user manual to see how you can manually address Modbus tags.

inductiveautomation.com/support/ … essing.htm