Port Blocking with Perspective App

I am trialing the Perspective app on an iPad and Ignition 8 Beta on my laptop. When I’m on my home network I can launch apps on the iPad, when I am on my companies WiFi the app can’t reach the gateway. We were able to track this down to our firewall was blocking a port, we just don’t know which one. During our testing we simply disable the firewall and the devices started communicating. I had our IT team open the 8088 port, but that hasn’t fixed the issue. My question is, does the Perspective app communicate on a different port than 8088?

8088 should be all you need unless you’ve got SSL turned on. Make sure your firewall or router isn’t blocking our interfering with WebSocket traffic.

Yep. For clarity, perspective will use whatever your ignition install uses (i.e. - set in ignition.conf gateway.xml).