Position Error and Warning Boxes

I have been searching the forum and the manual for an answer to this question. If I missed something I apologize.

What I am trying to do is programmatically center the windows generated by system.gui.errorBox and system.gui.warningBox. I have tried using system.nav.centerWindow with no luck. The reason I would like to center the window is because some times the users will move these windows out of the way and off the screen to the point you cannot see them if they appear instead of actually closing them. Tried to get them not to do this but they continue to. After they have moved the window off the screen the next error or warning will appear in the same spot so they have no idea it even appeared. Is there some way to force these windows to the center of the screen?


Unfortunately there really is no good way to re-center these popups because they aren’t windows. If they were, then centerWindow() would have worked. If you don’t want the user to be able to lose the popup, then you could try using the system.gui.messageBox() or system.gui.confirm() popups. These two are modal and will not allow the user to continue until they are closed.

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Thanks! Good to know.