Possibility to Close the Web Browser automatically after Successful Login when Using IdP authentication strategy


We are using Badge based IdP Authentication for our Launching Vision Client session. When you launch a client session from vision which displays a screen with a button to log into the IdP.
When you click the button, system’s default web browser is opened. Once you authenticate at the IdP, it redirects you back to the new Vision session.

But I Now want to close the opened Web Browser after successful Login. Is it possible to Close it from Ignition or is there a way to achieve this.


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Thanks for the suggestion,
Hope its better now?

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No. Web browsers are happy to open a page you request externally, but will not allow you any control over that page. The sequence of event is:

  1. Vision launches the web page with a specific URL that asks the IdP to authenticate.
  2. IdP login succeeds and the browser is redirected from the IdP login 'back to' the successful login page hosted by Ignition.
  3. On this page, locally running Javascript broadcasts a message to your local computer, which Vision is listening for, that indicates the sign-in was successful.

Vision cannot 'reach back' to the web browser at any point in this process - it can only invoke the web page and wait for a successful login. This is fundamental to how web browsers work.


Hi @PGriffith ,

I did a work around to close the browser, For that I created a .bat file to close my browser.
And in the client startup script i used system.util.execute() to run the batch file.
The only pain point is i have to move the .bat file to all my clients :frowning:
Hope its correct method which doesn't cause any cyber security vulnerabilities.

Thanks Explaining the sequence of operation in details. Cheers!