Possible Bug - Vision Template Internal Property Type

This is using v8.0.12 in Ubuntu 18.04.

I’m noticing some weird behavior with switching template internal property datatypes that are bound to indirect tags. If you change the type of an internal property the change doesn’t seem to take effect. In my example below I had a property that was an integer. I realized that this wasn’t correct so I changed it to a float. When I did this I noticed that Ignition was rounding to the nearest integer.

In the example below I renamed the integer->float property to “controlValue_old” and created a new property “controlValue” as a float. You can see the difference in the screenshots below - controlValue is floating point and controlValue_Old is floating point that is rounded to the nearest integer. This issue persisted over a reboot.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Both properties have identical bindings (I copied one binding to the other):

I believe this is a known bug. For now, recreating the custom property ‘from scratch’ is the solution.