Possible? Expand Horizontal Menu Items Upwards

Forgive me if this is a silly question as I am very new to ignition.

I have created a horizontal menu with a couple of different options for a project. I would like to attach the menu to the bottom dock, however I am unsure of how I would get the menu items to expand upwards instead of downwards. Can this be achieved easily? If so then how?

  • Jaymz

Soooooo… I’m guessing it’s not possible at this stage?

Hi @Jaymz, we played around with an “intelligent” design that would expand upwards if the menu didn’t have enough room to open child menus below it. We abandoned this idea because it was very easy to create a menu structure that would render child menu items offscreen above the interface where they were inaccessible. Forcing the menus to always open down and to the right allows scrollbars to be show (if necessary), so that all menu items are accessible regardless of the size of the menu configuration.

Thank you for your response.